Our Story

The first motorcycle clubs were founded by veterans returning from war.   Military members that came back from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan found it awkward and uncomfortable to talk about their experiences with people that either didn't serve or they didn't share a personal connection. There is one common thread that most veterans who ride motorcycles consistently say, “Riding a motorcycle is therapeutic, it calms me.”  The Veteran Enhancement Project Inc. was founded to take action against veteran suicide, which claims the lives of 22 veterans a day.  

Who we are

Tom Busche, Founder

"To provide support to US Military veterans by fostering brotherhood through all things motorcycle."

Tom Busche, Founder 

Jon Harmon, Co-Founder

“Riding a bike is so medicinal. Riding is very freeing,” 

Jon Harmon, Co-Founder


You can read more about Jon's heroic story by clicking here 


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